Reno Short Sale Info
Short Sale Your House and Avoid Foreclosure

Avoid Foreclosure
A short sale helps you avoid the embarrassment of having the bank put up a foreclosure sign in your yard just days after you move out.

You Don't Pay Anything
You will not have to pay anything on your own. The Bank frequently pays all of your costs including delinquent taxes, real estate commissions, as well as escrow and title fees. In addition, you will be able to remain in your house for free until the short sale process is complete. Or even remain in your house after we complete your short sale, and for a lot less money! Imagine being able to live in your same home for half the cost!

You Save Your Credit
With a real estate short sale you don’t have a foreclosure on your credit. A foreclosure will destroy your credit for seven to ten years, plus there are all sorts of other ugly consequences of a foreclosure. Believe it or not, for many homeowners a short sale is even credit positive! That’s right. As soon as the short sale is done their credit scores improve.

You Have Erased Your Debt Forever
You will never owe that money again. You may not owe any taxes. You can start fresh.

You Can Buy A New Home
You can be eligible to buy a new home in as little as a year!

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